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I honestly want to find out how fucking huge this fandom is, its ridiculous.

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They couldn’t handle the cute.

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Pokemon Mega Ring ( 1,000 Yen)

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Hijikata’s dream show.

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send me a ship, and i will tell you:


• when or if I started shipping it.
• my thoughts:
• What makes me happy about them:
• What makes me sad about them:
• things done in art/fic that annoys me:
• things I look for in art/fic:
• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 
• My happily ever after for them:
• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

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yug0 asked : omg where are ya buyin those yowapeda doujins they look so cute....

They ARE cute! o vo♥ And really funny!
I’m buying them through Toranoana and C-Queen, but they don’t ship outside Japan so you’ll have to google for a good forwarding service that ships to your country (be careful, some are superexpensive).

You could also check Otaku Republic, but I find them to be rather expensive sometimes (I’ve seen some doujins there go for $22, ugh. ;;). But at least they have free shipping world-wide. u vub

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Midousuji (panel 1): ”Change it.”
Midousuji (panel 3): ”Change it.”SFX: pari pari (“crunch crunch”; eating)
Imaizumi (panel 3): ”I am the masteeer~~~~!!!”SFX: guri guri (“rub rub”; to rub or grind against, in this case his head against Midousuji’s back, lmao)
殺戮メイドー筋君。 by いくじ

How did I end up translating doujinshi samples omg.Yet another one I’m buying, hahaa.

Midousuji (panel 1): ”Change it.”

Midousuji (panel 3): ”Change it.”
SFX: pari pari (“crunch crunch”; eating)

Imaizumi (panel 3): ”I am the masteeer~~~~!!!”
SFX: guri guri (“rub rub”; to rub or grind against, in this case his head against Midousuji’s back, lmao)

殺戮メイドー筋君。 by いくじ

How did I end up translating doujinshi samples omg.
Yet another one I’m buying, hahaa.

Okay, screw Brookes. I’ve given up on that school now.

I can’t get my college grades translated to English, because compared to when I was in high school where everything was easy as hell and you just contacted the school national agency and they would send an English version of your grades without any problem at all.
Now, when I NEED an English transcription of my grades, I either hire an “official translator”, which cost hundreds of dollars (the one they recommended cost over $500, are you shitting me) OR I translate it myself and use my school’s stamp to make it “seem official”. Oh my fucking god, they are actually telling me to commit forgery.

Mom called my old school to ask for help and permission (that they send papers with their stamp on), but being Sweden with the highest rate of school breaks, everyone’s off on Spring break for another week. And I’ve already taken far too long to send Brookes the documents by now so screw this.

Tomorrow is apparently the deadline to send in applications to Swedish universities, so mom told me to pick something to study until I get another chance for Brookes, but I told her “Hey, you know what? Fuck England, been there, done that. Screw taking the long path to get shit done - I’m going straight to Japan.”

So googling around, I found this school that deals with abroad studies through a Swedish school. Meaning, I study abroad in whatever fucking country they have to offer but being that it still goes through a Swedish school I get a student benefit/loan even if it’s outside Europe.

And guess what - they have contracts with 14 international institutes in Japan, and one of them is in Osaka. Halle-fucking-lujah.
I can study there up to 2 years, studying 20 hours per week, either live with a Japanese host family or get my own residence, get a part-time job and afterwards I will be able to continue my studies at a university or career education in Japan.

The schools are international with students from all over the world, mostly Asia, and I can get extra classes in learning to read and write Kanji, adding 2 hours (total 22 hours a week).

So tomorrow, I’m signing up for this as well a 1-term course learning hiragana and katakana better (since I’m all self-taught and want to be sure what I know is correct).
Of course I’m going to have to push my mom to help me with this, but since she wants us to dine at Grandmama’s tomorrow - who’s very supportive of my ambitions and dreams - I’ll take the opportunity to have Grandmama side with me when pushing mom to help me.

I’m… more interested in this school than Brookes. The reason to why I wanted to study at an English university is because I wanted to take my - though already advanced - English language even further, to a professor level, and also to make sure I finish 4 years at the university so that I’m able to teach in Japan (they require either that or 10 years working experience, plus, of course, license to teach which is a short pedagogy course).

So fuck getting my stupid grades translated, since it seems impossible anyhow, and I ain’t paying no fucking 500 bucks for a damn “official translation”.

So yes, this is what I’m betting my all to now.

I’m excited about this, yes, and I’m feeling more confident since it’s through my own country which is far more easier than a system I don’t understand. But I won’t get my hopes up as high as I did regarding Brookes nor will I cry and worry and tear my heart about it. I have finally found my second chance, and if this doesn’t work out them I’m taking the dangerous option of simply moving to Japan and work until I learn the language fluently.
I hate wasting my time and breath when it’s all in vain.

And let no one tell me “it will be alright”, because every time someone has told me that the “know” things will be fine, it flips around and turns into fucking hell.
Life ain’t easy. It’s full of disappointments. You’ll simply have to never stop and think of yourself as an disappointment if you want things to go your way.

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A short angsty drabble with Na’ïl and Serek.


Title: Sakaratul Maut
Type: Drabble
Warning: Blood and death
Characters: Na’ïl and Serek

Blood. Na’ïl stared at his hand, he felt sick to the point of throwing up. His hand was drenched in blood, but not his own. It could have been, if someone hadn’t pushed him aside a second before the blow. He glanced next to his dripping wet hand at the body his other hand was holding. Hair as red as his hand, he really thought he was going to faint when he began to grasp what had just happened.

"Wh- why did you…"
Serek coughed and blood dripped from his mouth.
"Why… for me… for someone who’s just another—"

"Peasant?" he scoffed at the dog. "You naive boy, isn’t it clear that you’re more than just one among others? Besides, each and every life is precious. You can’t just fling your heart around on an open battle field where an arrow could pierce right through in any second."

"It is my duty to give my life for my mast—"

"Listen, Na’ïl."
The dog shut his mouth.
"You’re not supposed to… Not, it is I who do not wish to witness you in your death throes. You’re young, you’ve yet been tainted. Compared to me, who’s stained with more dirt than I can absorb. I’m… used to it.”

He could see Na’ïl’s lips shaking from gritting his teeth. Large, green eyes looking at him with such concern it almost threw him into a guilt-trip.

"The pain, the final breath. Dying.
Na’ïl turned his head away, biting his own tongue. He couldn’t bear hearing any more of this, but at the same time he couldn’t help but listen closely.
"I can take it, because it’s not the first time. Of course, it still hurts as fuck," Serek groaned, "but… I can take it. This is my duty, in order to protect my people… and you.”

Silence fell over them and Serek looked at the high roof above them.

"Funny… I’ve never died in this world before…" he let out a short laugh, grinned even though he frowned in pain, "I’m actually… not sure what will happen after this…"

Na’ïl quickly turned back to him.
"No… n…" the words were stuck in Na’ïl’s throat. He refused it. He refused all of it. He refused to believe Serek’s words, he refused feeling Serek’s body turning cold, he refused letting his master, his friend, his habib roohi* fade in his arms, before his very own eyes. He refused death.

Serek hushed at him.
"It’s okay," he whispered with a weary smile, “It’s okay, Na’ïl.”
"My whole life only ever had one purpose. One goal. A goal I’ve yet reached, but which I’ve struggled to get to era after era. And even now, the voice is still telling me to get there. To continue to strive."

"But I have realised something. Something that was so obvious yet unclear in my eyes until now, when everything is turning darker."
Na’ïl’s grip got tighter as he bit his lower lip, holding back the tears that welled up more than his eyes could swallow. Serek placed his hand on Na’ïl’s cheek and pressed his thumb to place a fingerprint in blood.
"That during my journey, I found more things to strive for. More than just one goal. And the further I travelled, the clearer I could see that all paths are connected."
He wiped his thumb over Na’ïl’s cheek and smeared out the blood, looking at his face - from his cheek to his ears, to his mouth, to his eyes - he looked at everything before his vision could no longer take in light.

"It’s not over. Not yet, not for long.”
As if a great shadow fell over his eyes and everything turned dark, he closed them. As Na’ïl watched him, the knot in his throat got even more tangled and he tried to speak, but could only shake uncontrollably as he urged to call his master’s name. Serek’s lips curled into a little smile.

"You were always a crybaby. Even back when you were a mere puppy. A crybaby who never showed his tears to anyone, not even yourself. Because you never cry for your own sake, Na’ïl. Somehow, it makes me sad…"
His strength was fading and just as his hand let go of Na’ïl’s cheek, a shy tear rolled down.
“That I never… got to see your tears… maybe another time, I’ll make you cry… just.. for me….”

Master… Master..? … Master..!
Serek!" Na’ïl cried as his master’s body became much heavier in his arms.
"No, no no no no. Answer me! Open your eyes!" he lifted his chin, he slapped his cheek and shook him, "Come on! You- you can’t… you can’t do this to me! You’re not… No… You’re not suppose to, not before me. Not FOR me! WAKE UP! PLEASE, JUST WAKE UP!"
He buried his face in his master’s chest and sobbed as he held the lifeless body close.
"Just wake up… I beg of you… wake up…"
But his body did not regain its heat, his chest did not begin to beat, and Serek’s red hand slowly, quietly, began to blacken and crumble to dust.


*Habib roohi literally means “lover of my soul” and can be compared with “soulmate”.