Waffles. ˊ qˋ ♡

Waffles. ˊ qˋ ♡

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It’s really easy though, you just need to be interested. ´ v`
Let’s break it down further - say you have a strawberry cake. The theme would be the main ingredient - strawberries - and the genre would be it’s taste - which is sweet.
You wanna twist a family movie and make it a thriller? Eat a piece of the cake you expected to be sweet, but a bomb of salt explodes in your mouth on the first bite.

Can’t make it more simple than that. You really just gotta sit down, read the definitions and put it on memory. They’re not hard to differ, you just gotta stop being lazy. :P
If you want an anime example, Free! has the theme “swimming” and “school” while it’s genre is “sports” and “comedy”. Similar, Kuroko no Basuke has the theme “basketball” and “school”, and the same genre as Free!.

Hm, never heard any of it. I hear more about other diseases than cancer. And if I were to answer my own question, I’d say the most popular genres ftm are sci-fi, superhero and apocalyptic movies. Superheroes often have a tragic pasts, maybe involving a disease. Apocalyptic is depressive in itself, so if cancer was involved I probably wouldn’t pay much notice to it since the whole movie is just sad in general.

TFIOS as in The Fault in Our Stars? Huh, never read it nor seen it so can’t say I know what they’re talking about. But I haven’t seen anyone say “I hope you get cancer!” in connection to TFIOS, in fact the only time I see people using cancer as an “attack” is when trolls or brats use “cancer” the same way people use “fag” or “gay” as an insult. But very rarely, I heard it more when I was younger.

Maybe it’s a matter of where you live. I can’t compare what happens socially in my area of community compared to yours, as we share a vast ocean between us and live in different cultures.

Babe, you’re thinking about theme, not genre. (;;` 3´)
Big difference.

For an instance, Pirates of the Caribbean, the theme would be pirates while the genre would be adventure and fantasy.

As for "cancer", that term would be more of a topic or key factor, possibly just a character trait as well, rather than either a theme or genre. The theme of such movie could be hospital and the genre could be tragedy. But cancer itself is a disease, which on the other hand is a theme.

To elaborate my question, examples of genres would be sci-fi, adventure, romance, tragedy, dystopia/utopia, family, slice of life, thriller, horror, criminal/mystery, etc. Superhero is in fact also considered a genre now and was a theme before they became quite popular.

Speaking of which, films like Sherlock Holmes (classic ones) would have the theme detective and Victorian (due to its era). While some might think the genre would be detective as well, criminal is in fact the correct term to use. That, and thriller. But thrillers very often involve serial killers in a more horror-like but non-supernatural plot. Eden Lake is considered a thriller rather than horror as it is about rebellious children beating up two adults in a dark forest while being 100% human and no creepy powers or weird voodoo involved.

I’d also like to add that I can’t recall seeing a lot of movies involving cancer lately… Maybe it’s a matter of taste, perhaps you watch movies I have no interest in that tend to include diseases more than those I choose.

What would you consider the most popular film and/or book genre currently?

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Omg, a fan. I got a fan in my room.
No more night-fevers, no more mornings starting with a heatstroke, I finally got a fan.

Praise whatever lord you’ve got, hallelujah.

//slumps on bed (;;ˊ qˋ)

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//flips youtube


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Updated my playlist, it got 20 songs now instead of just 5 haha. ;;
I didn’t remove any of the other songs btw, just added more.

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