Th- this is so hard..! ;;;;

I think I need to look up some tutorials, but I wanted to try without any reference. Women are so much harder to draw than men, not sure how to draw the breasts yet.

And until I learn anatomy better, I use my proportions as ref, so all characters get long legs lol. ;;;;

B- but I’m progressing! ; v; Slow but steady, I’m getting a bit better at making torsos. Maybe soon enough I can get the arms right as well. I’m bored with drawing headshots all the time, I wanna draw cuddles and kisses and cuddles with kisses. ; 3;

Andthenstraighttotheporn. //slapped

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So Hana gave me chopsticks (among other things) as a goodbye-gift, but they’re way too fucking pretty for me to use. ;;;;

My friends are too cute, send help.

I found the supercute cards they gave me, both on my birthday and before departure. They’re too cute, Japanese people are too cute, asgsg / q\;;

I need to give them something supersweet back when I meet them again next year. ; ^; ♥ But I don’t know what, hnn. Should I draw something, or buy something or…? ;;;

So Hana gave me chopsticks (among other things) as a goodbye-gift, but they’re way too fucking pretty for me to use. ;;;;

My friends are too cute, send help.

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I want to work on my animation but…

(looks at PS Vita)


I love demos.
The guy who came up with the idea of free demos was a genius. /´ O`\

I’ve seen so many games that look awesome, but after you try the demo you realise it’s complete shit (for you taste) and you don’t waste money in vain. And vice versa, you see games you feel “meh” about and don’t think are that great, but you try the demo anyway and you realise it’s fucking awesome.

I love demos, ahhh. / Q\

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"Buy a Cintiq off eBay, it’s cheaper there."

Yeah, sure, let’s just ignore the shipping and huge fucking import tax.

It’s cheaper to take a quick flight to America and buy it in a physical store.

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Lmao, how I make storyboards.
Might as well animate the storyboard if it’s a storyboard for an animation.

Still not sure how the heart should fall though, but eh, I’ll figure it out.

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Mom: (calls for dinner)
Me: Comingggg.
Bro: Hayaku~~, onii-cha~~n!
Me: When the fuck did I become the older brother.
Bro: Obviously I'm younger than you. ~ (mentally, I agree)
Me: In that case, you should refer to me as ONII-SAMA. (flashy pose)
Bro: ....
Me: ....
Bro: ....
Me: ... I'll call you Thomas-chan.
Bro: Onii-sama!!

I’ve gone through 4 USBs and all the folders on our server looking for an animation WIP file I simply can not find. Gave up and dug out my laptop where the original is saved, bleh.

I know I had it on my work USB, ‘cause I save all copies on that one so I can continue my works from any computer of mine, and I know I’ve worked on this animation both on my laptop and PC.


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I’m heading to bed, I’m so grumpy lately I don’t know how to deal with myself. Can’t sleep, can’t draw, don’t want to talk, don’t want to be alone.

I’ll reply to messages tomorrow.

Um… I’m thinking of putting up some kind of info page - either on my dA page, my Tumblr or my art blog - with snaps of info of all my on-going projects (future comics). Not sure if anyone would be interested, but I like feeling organised.

Anyway. Night, if you can still say that at 7:40AM.

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